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  • 软件大小:58.15MB
  • 更新时间:2021-04-08
  • 软件语言:中文
  • 软件授权:免费
  • 所属分类:模拟养成
  • 使用平台:安卓
  • 游戏版本:v1.1安卓版
  • 内容编辑:mf08手游吧
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Manage your exclusive store, [\ n] small store Chinese crack version [\ n] is a simulated business class to put into mobile games, exquisite game screen, cartoon game style, casual play. In the game, players can develop all kinds of plants, collect rare props and materials, make alchemy potions, sell alchemy potions to people in need, make a lot of gold coins, and keep expanding your shop. In the game, you can also design your storefront according to your hobbies, attract customers from all over the world, play relaxed and interesting games, and you can freely challenge different games and unlock new level activities. Interested friends come and download and experience it as soon as possible. [\ n] ps: any currency acquired or used plus 2525, can not get into the disconnected network. [\ n] small store crack version features: [\ n] 1, with beloved and attractive hand-painted visual effects, personalized planning and brand-new shops. [\ n] 2. Small stores crack all kinds of fantastic products from all over the world, and it is most important to learn how to handle their own products. [\ n] 3. Use different ways to build your own stores, create a very fine RPG International, and participate in epic adventures. [\ n] the highlights of the cracked version of the small store: [\ n] 1, the playing elements of the game are rich and interesting, and you can choose a variety of matching recipes to play freely in the wizarding world. [\ n] 2, the small store cracked version of the type of fun to play, there is no complexity in the game, off-hook can also be easy to play. [\ n] 3, the synthesis of items is full of freshness, all kinds of game props appear randomly, and each game is a brand-new experience. [\ n] the advantages of the cracked version of the small store: [\ n] 1. Here you will be in charge of the cashier of the store, helping guests check the correct goods, scan the product code, register and get the change. [\ n] 2. The cracked version of the small store will pu


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